We consider Lettuce a closed-loop system. Farmers grow produce for our deliveries, the kitchen team thinks up recipes based on our seasonal produce, subscribers cook the meals each week, drivers pick up last weeks bags filled with compost for our farms, our kitchen team gets feedback from our subscribers....and our cycle continues!

Ready to order a Lettuce delivery? 

We're happy to hear that! The first step in your delivery is creating an account in our system. At that time, you'll be able to select one (or more) delivery options. Lettuce currently offers a Produce, Sauces and Spices option that comes with the basics needed to prepare each recipe, as well as Complete Meal Vegetarian and Omnivore options that include the dairy, protein, pastas and grains. We also have a Farmer's Choice option with just the produce, and an Orchard Basket filled with local fruit. Subscribers can choose any delivery day that is available on their calendar. More days and plans opening soon!

You will be receiving an email every week detailing what's coming in your delivery. This will help you plan and prepare for what's coming because this email includes a list of the staple items you'll have to have on hand in your pantry. We ask that you make any changes to your delivery order three days before it is scheduled to arrive in order for our farmers to harvest correctly. 

Every week your Lettuce delivery includes three recipes (2 or 4 portions each), pairing suggestions based on the produce that is in season, and nutritional facts. Our base bag comes with 3 containers matched to each recipe full of the produce, sauces and spices you need. If you receive a Complete Meal, a second, smaller bag will have your proteins, cheeses, rices, pastas and everything else you need to complete the meals!

On your delivery drivers first visit, you will receive a recipe binder and your produce will be in a insulated, reusable bag on your front doorstep. This bag and corresponding contained come back to us each week during your next delivery, simply leave it on your front porch and your driver will leave a new bag while picking up your last. Thus the cycle of materials continues!