Vacation Holds & Skipping

If you are going away, you can put your Lettuce deliveries on hold. Simply log onto your account and press the skip button on the day that you don't need a delivery. Subscribers must skip deliveries by 9AM three days before their delivery. If you skip later in the week, Lettuce reserves the right to charge you for your delivery. Our chefs and farm team purchases and harvests for the number of subscribers we will be serving - we don't want food to go to waste!


You can find the prices for your location by going to our home page and entering your address. We aim to provide a quality product grown with ethical labor standards (we love our employees!) at the cheapest price possible for subscribers. Currently, Lettuce does not employee minimums or hidden charges on delivery, just a Reusable Materials Fee on signup that gets returned if you ever decide to cancel. 


You are able to cancel Lettuce at any time in your customer account from the "Settings" screen. Please contact us at if you have feedback about the service. 

Lettuce reserves the right to cancel any subscribers membership at any time. 


Due to the nature of farms, weather and living on Planet Earth, the produce that comes in your box is subject to variance in quality, quantity and source. Subscribers should expect that produce arrives freshly picked from the farm - please rinse before using, and be wary of any .