For our mini-farms to thrive, there are a few important requirements we're looking for in your yard:


It can be a front, back or side yard.

It needs to have space sufficiently clear of any building structure for a Farm of the size indicated in the plan you choose. There needs to be an at least 3 feet additional clearance available around the area where the Farm will be located. 

Lettuce Farms are ‘raised beds’, and come with about 2 feet of fresh new soil that is PH-balanced and fine-tuned to your location and the type of produce that will be planted. So it does not matter what the condition of the current soil in that area - as long as it is dirt, and not concrete, or stone, or another non-porous surface.


For your Lettuce Farm to thrive, it should ideally get about 5-6 or more hours of direct sun.

This does not mean that a Farm that gets less sun than that will not work. It simply means that the variety of produce that can thrive in it will need to be less, and different.

So, don’t sweat the sun too much while considering becoming a Lettuce member. Simply please pick a spot in the yard that has the most amount of sun and also meets the other requirements. After 1 or 2 seasons of planting, we will fine tune the type of plants that should be grown in your yard, based on the exposure to the sun, and other factors such as humidity, temperature and so on.

Hose bib with water supply

Plants need water to grow, and Lettuce Farms come with a completely automated drip irrigation systems that optimize water delivery based on what is growing, where and when, and how much water those plants need.

All you have to make sure is that there is a hose bib with an active water supply available within approximately 20 feet of your the location of the Farm.

During installation, we will take care of connecting the hose bib to the automated drip irrigation system in a way that is unintrusive to your regular use of the yard. We will also install a splitter that will provide you use of your hose bib as before.

Physical access for installation

To install the Farm there needs to be a clear passage with a minimum width of approximately 2 wheelbarrows to go from the street to the location of the Farm.

Physical access for maintenance and harvesting

In order for Lettuce’s team members to be able to get to the Farm to maintain and harvest it, there needs to be free and clear access to it from the street.

If you have a locked gate - you will need to provide us with access information, or put a lockbox and give us the code, or another documentable solution so its easy for Lettuce personnel to get to the Farm.