A Lettuce membership comes with a few simple commitments:

Minimal encroachment

Your Lettuce Farm grows food that is eaten by your family, and possibly by your neighbors. This entails that you:

  • Do not step into the Farm boxes.

  • Do not throw or mix anything into the soil.

  • Do not dump any kind of liquid, including water, unless we tell you to.

  • Do not uproot any plants, regardless of whether they are doing well or not.

  • Do not plant any new plants.

For any issues, report them to us from your Lettuce online account, or contact customer support.

You are welcome to occasionally pick from your Farm - if you really need something growing in it, and cannot wait for the next Greenthumb visit. If you pick a substantial amount at some point, just inform us, so we can plan accordingly.

Put Box out

Once a week on the day of your Greenthumb’s visit, you will be required to put your Lettuce Box outside, somewhere near the Farm. We will remind you of that via email that morning. If you forget, we’ll have a spare but please don’t make it a habit :)

Report something bad

In between Greenthumb visits, you are welcome, but not required, to keep an eye out on your Farm. If you see anything that’s not ok, or normal (bugs, pests, pets, birds, diseased or dying plants and so on), please log into your Lettuce account and report it using easy to use preset buttons, or by contacting customer support.

Finally, it’s a partnership . . .

Between nature, you & us. We are committed to you getting as much food as you need from your Farm, and more. But nature can be unpredictable. We need your understanding and help in providing you with an amazing service, experience and of course, food.