Lettuce is available in several neighborhoods across the country, and new ones are getting activated regularly. To find out the status of your neighborhood, please visit our Home page, and enter your address there.

Every neighborhood goes through 3 phases:

1. Reserve a Farm

For a nominal fee, Lettuce Farms can be reserved in any neighborhood in the US and Canada that have not gone on to Phases 2 and 3. This fee is refundable anytime. People who reserve Farms are, in our view, pioneers in their neighborhoods of the movement to grow food locally, and we reward them with exclusive perks and discounts. These are available only in neighborhoods that are still in this Phase.

2. Neighborhood Active

These are neighborhoods where more than a certain threshold neighbors have reserved Lettuce Farms. Lettuce starts installations and the Lettuce service in these neighborhoods on a first come first serve basis, starting with people who made reservations.

3. Lettuce Sharing Network

When a neighborhood achieves a critical mass then a Lettuce Network kicks in in that neighborhood. Surplus food from Farms in those neighborhood is redistributed, sold or donated, based on volume and demand. Share of revenues from sales are sent back to members.

As your neighborhood goes through these phases, we will keep you informed and prompt you for any action you may need to take.