Yes, after we confirm it meets our standards and requirements or we can bring it up to those levels. Namely: 

1. Good dirt. Lettuce maintains high organic standard for its Farms and the food that comes out of them. If we cannot certify that your plants and the soil in which they are growing are organic, we will not be able to maintain/harvest them.

2. Sufficient direct sun - at least 6 hours a day. 

3. Access to a water - there should be a hose bib near by. 

4. Must be in a neighborhood we are active in. You can check that by entering your address at: 

For spaces less than 1,000 sf, our mandatory requirement is that the residents be a Subscriber. It is important to us that everyone part of our network believe in local, sustainable food - not just for growing it, but also consuming it. 

If this works for you, then please sign up on our site, selecting 'Existing Garden' as the choice. We will schedule a time to come over and check out your yard to see what is possible. Meanwhile, your Subscription will start from the next available delivery date in your neighborhood. You can always cancel, though when that happens, we will also stop maintaining and harvesting the garden.