Every week we will deliver 3 meals to your doorstep. These recipes are based off of what's growing in local Farms, so they are seasonal and fresh.

First of all, let's talk about the Bag itself. Most meal delivery services have a big flaw... they are extremely wasteful. Plastic, paper, bags, boxes, tons of waste. We pride ourselves on being close to zero-waste, meaning we re-use all of that packaging. All of your containers are made with BPA free plastic or glass, and they are durable for a long life-cycle. Sometimes we choose not to re-package items from other producers, when this happens these items are clearly marked. 

In each box, you will receive pre-portioned produce for 4 servings along with spice mixes and dressings. An add-on bag contains grains, dairy, oils, legumes, and anything else you'll need. You will not receive pantry items (oil, butter, milk, etc)., so keep your eyes on the email with Delivery Details to find out what's needed.