We pick up your scraps, coffee grounds, etc and turn them into fertilizer! How the heck do we do that? It's nothing short of a scientific equation based on chemical interactions and bacterial growth. 

We help the natural process by providing the perfect conditions for beneficial bacteria and microbes to grow and reproduce, ultimately breaking down food waste and turning it into pure nutrients for our Farms.

We take your food scraps and place them into our compost piles along with other natural materials. We then turn the piles to introduce oxygen and create an environment for bacterial growth. The pile heats up and "cooks" all of that goodness down over a period of time, ultimately creating a nutrient-dense, natural fertilizer to return to our Farms. Those nutrients make their way back into the plants, back into your boxes, and the cycle continues.

We take composting very seriously and we hope you will enjoy being a part of this beautiful cycle.