Our reusable materials deposit might seem confusing or steep, but just hear us out...

Most delivery services won't charge a deposit, but that's because they use disposable materials that quickly end up in a landfill or the recycle bin. We are a company who rely on reusable materials and create as little waste as possible. That's good for everyone: Minimal waste - more sustainable, more convenient (think of how much time and effort you spend crushing boxes and shoving them into your recycle bin), lower cost of service to you in the long-term, and the best part: it allows us to get your compostables back!  

For each subscriber, we will provision 1 Recipe binder, 2 sets of containers and carrying bags - 1 set you use during a week, and 1 set for us to fill up and switch out. 

The total cost of all these materials is approximately $50. Your deposit covers only some of these costs. If and when you cancel your Subscription, and return all the materials, this fee will be fully refunded back to your credit card - you will not have to call us or email us or whatever - it will just happen automatically. 

If you don't return the materials then we may deduct the cost of those unreturned materials from your deposit - though we're proud to say we have never had this situation, and hope it never occurs either. 

If you still have questions, then please write to us at: help@lettuce.fm