Your basic subscription includes produce, spices, dressings, etc that you need to cook each recipe. This does not, however, include proteins or pantry items. We now offer two different Complete Meal options, Omnivore or Vegetarian. You cannot change the protein option per recipe, you must follow one plan each week.

You can change your preferences week to week. Do you feel like trying our vegetarian proteins this week? Simply choose that option in your online account page. You must receive the entire Complete Meal package which includes proteins, specialty items, grains, legumes, cheese, bread, etc. 

The `pricing of the complete meals is sent out in the Monday email. It changes from week or week based on the ingredients included for each week. We are soon moving to a fixed price plan - stay tuned. 

Make your decision and changes in your online account by Wednesday at 5pm for the coming Saturday's delivery.