The produce we deliver to you is, in most part, grown in and around your neighborhood/city. This means we often have constraints on how many Subscribers we can deliver to within a neighborhood/city. We grow in relatively small urban lots, with 100% organic growing practices. It takes time for farms to come into full production - we never use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides that would get plants to grow fast, but would compromise the quality and safety of the food you consume. 

Our waitlists are first come first serve. So if you are interested in becoming a Lettuce Subscriber, we advise you to sign up as soon as possible. We often see spikes in new sign ups that can quickly push out start dates by weeks or months. 

Increase prices did you say? Sure, we can increase prices - but that would make Lettuce out of reach of a lot of people, and that is simply not part of our vision and why we started in the first place.