Lettuce recently made the transition to a new website! We hope you love it as much as we do, and we hope you'll continue providing us valuable feedback about what is, and isn't, working for you. 

If you are a returning customer:
Go to:app.lettuce.fm/account --> hit "forgot password" and go from there!

Your Delivery Schedule

Scheduler allows you to see your entire delivery schedule by month. Green dots are scheduled deliveries, red dots are default delivery days that have been skipped, and grey dots are days we can’t currently deliver. Click on any day to see what items you’re set to receive, and all the delivery options that are available.

Go to Upcoming Orders for a quick list of all your upcoming orders. Click Manage, to skip, add and remove items from that delivery.

You can change your default delivery day from Settings. Lettuce deliveries are currently available on Saturday and Monday. Your default delivery day should already be set to match your previously-communicated preferences.

- Cut-off schedule: The deadline for making changes to an upcoming delivery is 9 AM the previous day. After that time, please write to help@lettuce.fm. Please note that you will still be charged for your delivery.
- Recipes: A new recipe cycle starts on Saturday and ends on the next Friday.
- Regular delivery day: You can change you regular delivery day by going to Settings from the top menu. IMPORTANT: Any days for which you customize your delivery and saved the changes will not be affected by a change in the default delivery day. A quick glance at Upcoming Orders will be a good sanity check.

Past Orders
Your past orders, starting the next delivery will appear here. Your orders prior to today will unfortunately not be reflected there. We can get you that info, however. Simply write to us at help@lettuce.fm

Yes! Now, a place to track your referrals. So, share away and get $15 when someone signs up, and give them $15 off too.

There's now a way for you to pre-purchase Lettuce credit at a discount. Find it in the Credit section. Any purchased, redeemed or customer-support related credit will also be reflected in this section.

Finally . . .
Found a bug or an issue with the site? Email us and we will credit your account $5 as a thank you! Let us know help@lettuce.fm