Lettuce Create is for Creators who typically don’t have storefronts and are not served by the on-demand delivery platforms. 

On Lettuce Create, customers place orders a few days in advance of their delivery day. The creator gets the order number ahead of time and has the time to prepare the best product possible, as well as package it in sustainable low/zero waste packaging - making the entire chain more sustainable, cost efficient and less wasteful.

Lettuce Create is not a grocery delivery service - not a typical one, anyway. Here are the ways in which Lettuce Create is different: 

  • Zero-waste packaging: When possible, items in Lettuce Create are packaged and delivered in zero-waste materials that are used over and over again. 

  • Locally-focused: If a product is raw ingredients, it should be primarily locally grown & raised. Prepared foods should be prepared in a local kitchen. We firmly believe that in metropolitan areas, there is enough existing and dormant seasonal supply channels to ensure everyone is fed. 

  • An open marketplace: Anyone with the right credentials can create and sell products through Lettuce Create. The only ‘buyers’ are the real ones - consumers. 

  • Community: Lettuce is a community of local farmers, creators, delivery personnel and consumers. It is based on trust and responsibility. 

  • No inventory: Lettuce Create is evolving an inventory-less ecosystem that increases efficiency, reduced waste, and cuts costs and hence prices - making locally created food scale and compete with Big Food.